Wednesday, February 11, 2015



crisp outerwear blazer :: floral play suit :: fringe cross body bag :: black wide brim fedora :: strappy pump ::  your favorite sheer tights


That will be all. 


I have a habit of layering summer and winter clothes as a Florida girl. Did you know that if styled correctly, a great summer maxi split skirt and stripped midi top goes perfectly with your favorite open toe boots and an over sized winter pullover? Accessorize your look with with a warm beanie, coordinating fashion scarf, and staple handbag.


Tired of the same ol jeans? Overalls are such a cool way to add some easy layers into your wardrobe this winter. 

Goodness Gray-cious Shoe Switch

Goodness Grey-cious

There was a Shoe Switch contest on Polyvore recently that I thought was interesting. I always tend to carry two pair of shoes with me everywhere I go. My friends have even made fun of me for doing so, but I hate for my feet to be uncomfortable. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. If my clutch isn't big enough to fit flats inside, I'm probably not going to purchase it. I'm not here for the whole "pain is beauty" mantra, especially when pain can be easily avoided with proper shoe planning. 


 Polyvore subscribers were asked how would we change up our shoe style quickly if we needed to get somewhere fast while also being fashionably comfortable. Here's my take for a shoe switch in cooler temperatures. Hope you like my set idea!