Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First they Laughed... Then they Copy

KATE MOSS (above)

ph: The Street Muse

When I was younger, I never was a big fan of fur. My parents bought me a few coats, but I always felt really, really weird wearing fur. I felt almost as if I was overdressed and people would perceive me as trying to be overtly fancy. As a kid I was even laughed at a few times for wearing fur, but as an adult, I have changed my mind and couldn't care less what others think. I am an animal lover, so these days well constructed faux fur is my preference. 

Recently supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss was photographed wearing multicolored fur, so if she wears it, it MUST be trending. I must admit, a really gorgeous multicolored vest is a cool statement piece to own. I was inspired by this look which I pinned to Polyvore, and I may try to find a similar look.What are your thoughts? Are you eccentric enough to ever try multicolored fur? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Michael Franks - St. elmo's fire

"When I Start to Care....Then I Find There is No One There. But I Think of You, and I Know We Are Something New. We Get Higher and Higher. Crazy Blue Like St. Elmo's Fire. Love is So Sharp and Flat. That It's Hard to Know Just Where You're At..."

Working Gal

Five days out of the week you have to get ready for work... well at least most of us do. You may as well look fabulous doing it. Happy Monday.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)

This song is about more than self medicating. It's about grieving, coping, and missing someone who's never coming back that you love so much to the point you will do different things to try to forget about them. Even if it's momentarily and fleeting.


"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it's how people dress in their days off that is the most intriguing." - Alexander Wang 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall into Pastel

Cozy up to the thought of incorporating lovely pastels into your wardrobe this fall/winter

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rock a Beanie

I'm a Floridian, and it may never get cold enough here for me to actually pull this off. But if I could, I'm loving these two inspired looks. So...How are you rocking your beanie this fall?

Fall - Dress Your Bestie