First they Laughed... Then they Copy

KATE MOSS (above)

ph: The Street Muse

When I was younger, I never was a big fan of fur. My parents bought me a few coats, but I always felt really, really weird wearing fur. I felt almost as if I was overdressed and people would perceive me as trying to be overtly fancy. As a kid I was even laughed at a few times for wearing fur, but as an adult, I have changed my mind and couldn't care less what others think. I am an animal lover, so these days well constructed faux fur is my preference. 

Recently supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss was photographed wearing multicolored fur, so if she wears it, it MUST be trending. I must admit, a really gorgeous multicolored vest is a cool statement piece to own. I was inspired by this look which I pinned to Polyvore, and I may try to find a similar look.What are your thoughts? Are you eccentric enough to ever try multicolored fur? 

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