What to Wear: Superbowl 2014 Edition

Thousands are gearing up to gather with friends and family to observe the big game today. Even more exciting, many are even traveling to NJ to watch what happens live in person. Although it's football, I like to look cute, but relaxed while supporting my team. What I have learned over the years about sports events, is to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You never know how long you will have to walk or stand. You can support by dressing in team colors, or not at all. Don't get too fancy though, just be laid back, and have fun. Today you get the chance to experiment with the casual attire in your wardrobe. No frills. No sequins. No crazy 6 inch stilettos.

Remember, most people's eyes will be fixated on the game, but I've posted a few inspired looks I hope will make a few heads turn your way. *wink wink

Look 1 - Seahawks Fan!

Look 2 - Broncos Fan!
 Look 3 - Neutral Fan? Just at the party socialize!
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