What to Wear: Charity Cocktail Event

Today's post is dedicated to a dear and lovely friend who told me earlier today she needs to attend a charity cocktail event this upcoming Friday. It's a big deal. She's actually hosting the event, and needs to find an ensemble quick! It's a cocktail charity "shindig". She wants to look absolutely fabulous, of course, but here's the kicker, she doesn't want to look sexy. She wants to look fun, but still about her business, and asks could I lend her any suggestions.

When I think of charity, and fashion, I think of modesty too, so I recognize where my friend is coming from, when she says "not sexy". For a charity event, everyone wants to appear polished (like they have money to give away), but not to distract from the true purpose of the event, which is to raise money for those who may be less fortunate. For a charity event, I would try my best to avoid showcasing too much leg, cleavage, and back. Nothing overtly sexy, but as a woman we are always stimulating mind, body and spirit. We just cant help it :-)

For attire,  I personally know that my friend loves dresses. I am adventurous, and would try and wear a romper or something crazy, but as the hostess, I think she would prefer the silhouette of any of the dresses below. Not too sexy or revealing, professional but not office, comfortable but not restricting, is what I have chosen because I feel she may have to move around often and work the crowd for a few hours. I wish her all the best, and I hope she has a fun, memorable, charity event with an abundance of contributions.

Get it here:

ASOS Midi Skater Dress With Belt And Zip Back $74.08



BCBGMAXAZRIA Malina Zigzag A-Line Dress NOW: $149.00

Good luck with everything! XOXO 


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