MUSIC MONDAY - Sheila E. The Glamorous Life

I love music. Good music, that is. That's why each Monday going forward, I am going to try and revive an oldie but goodie, or post a new artist feature. No matter the genre. If it's good music and the world needs to hear it, or re listen, yes I'm going to post it here. I am also open to suggestions, so you are more than welcome to recommend artists, any genre.

This is my very first "Music Monday" Post. It is only fitting that I start with one of my favorite songs, all the way back from 1984. I wasn't even alive yet, but I enjoy listening to Sheila E! If you are not familiar with her, look her up. She is a Grammy winning percussionist and singer whose notable collaborators include Billy Cobham, Lionel Richie, George Duke, Prince, Ringo Starr, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Hans Zimmer and Kanye West. 

Oh yea, did I have to mention she also had the most amazing style and costumes back in the day. It seemed like she was never afraid to wear anything. She's graced us with opulent trench coats, ruffled tuxedo shirts, tall over the knee boots, the big hair, flawless embellished sheer body suits, furs, hair accessories... this list could go on forever. It's funny, but I own most of the items just mentioned, and its decades later. Her fashion is still very relevant and very iconic. Today we show appreciation and love for Sheila Escovedo, known by her stage name simply as Sheila E. One of the baddest percussionists ever. I hope you enjoy listening to "The Glamorous Life". 

Style File: Sheila E.


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