A Piece of Work

No matter if your office is casual and eclectic or buttoned-up and refined, get motivated each morning when you get dressed for your career. Follow some of the latest trends in work-appropriate looks. Set yourself a part, and get noticed professionally by merit and style. 

Printed Blazer - Go bold with a fun printed blazer over all black everything.

Leather - Let's be honest, it's everywhere right now. There is a critical question you must ask yourself when considering leather at work. Is leather appropriate in my work environment? Only you can answer this by observing your work space. If yes, below is a great leather dress silhouette to try for encouragement. If not, try leather in moderation with your accessories and simply incorporate leather piping in blazers and outerwear.

Maxi Skirt - I adore maxi skirts in the office. Depending on the color and fabric of your skirt, many can be layered and worn year around. I coordinate a soft, flowing maxi skirt with a solid, black blazer and accent heels to create a masculine/feminine flair.

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