Make it Work!

Make it Work!

#WhatToWear #TheOffice #Winter/Fall

I engineered this set one day for a #WhatToWear to #TheOffice segment. A good friend wanted me to help her construct a few outfits for her magazine's look book section.  As soon as she asked, I recall purchasing a tweed jacket from Target last winter, and the colors are similar to the tweed showcased above. Its one of my favorite blazers to date.  How do you work the tweed trend at the office? 

My key pieces: I start with a staple bag, sleek black pants, and a modern pump. Keep it simple under your tweed blazer with a crisp white colored shirt. Lastly, don't forget a nice watch. Apply liquid eyeliner, and soft matte makeup to polish the look. 

So, what do you think? Do you ever reach for anything tweed during winter season? Are you a fan of this set, or pass?

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