The blazer trend is so fun to style; Women's blazers can be worn for work or play, but for this particular post, I chose to play :-)  Because blazers come in an unlimited assortment of colors, by accident, I have made blazers a staple in my wardrobe. Every time I would see a new color, I would want it! I even requested of my boyfriend "DO NOT let me buy another darn blazer". 

Earlier this week, I was asked by a colleague how would I style a bright red blazer. I suppose she noticed that I wear blazers frequently, and she expressed she has been contemplating purchasing a new color. She said she liked red, because she felt it could be worn year around.  Do you like blazers as much as I do? If so, I hope you are inspired by this fashion set. It's edgy and feminine at the same time. What's your opinion? Do you have blazers in many different colors? If not, would you ever incorporate a bright colored blazer into your wardrobe?

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